Server Security & Infrastructure Security Solutions

HPE Trusted Supply Chain provides first line of defense against cyberattacks protecting your apps and data.

Defend against server security and infrastructure security attacks

Your server infrastructure should be your strongest defense, armed with the latest firmware security solutions and infrastructure security solution innovations to guard against and recover from security attacks. Limiting security to firewalls is no longer enough. Protect your enterprise with innovations in firmware protection, malware detection, and firmware recovery — right down to the silicon.

Transform to intelligent server security and infrastructure security

Keep pace with new cyber threats and technology initiatives. We’ll help you define strategy and roadmaps, architect and design, integrate and transform so you have intelligent data protection to compete in the digital economy.

Firmware threat detection

With HPE firmware threat detection, you will know on a daily basis whether your firmware has been compromised.

Silicon root of trust

Creates a digital fingerprint in the silicon and ensures the server will never boot with compromised firmware.

Tape that supports GDPR

The GDPR standards demand that organizations fortify cybersecurity and risk management portfolios

Closing the IT Security Gaps 2020 Global Study by the Ponemon Institute

HPE has partnered with the Ponemon Institute to globally survey 4,150 IT and IT security practitioners on the biggest challenges impacting their organization’s ability to effectively close their IT security gaps. Learn the seven best practices of top performers who are the most highly effective in closing their organization’s IT security gaps and who are the best at keeping up with a constantly changing threat landscape, by reading this compelling report. Download now